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Old Outboard Parts Manuals

Mercury parts manuals are still available for purchase from Mercury Marine and East Coast Marine. Mercury Marine new online store: MERCURY PARTS EXPRESS 

All Johnson and Evinrude parts manuals 1979-prior are available for purchase from the Ken Cook Co.

MERCURY:  K-Models  KF3/KF5/Mark 5  KE4/Mark 7  KE7/KF7/KG7/KG4  KH7/Mark 15/Mark 20  KF9/KG9/Mark 40  Mark 10  Mark 25/25E  Mark 28  Mark 30/30E  Mark 20H  Mark 30H  Mark 50/50E  Mark 55/55E-1955-56  Mark 55/55E-1957-58  Mark 55H  Mark 58/58E  Mark 6  Mark 75  Mark 78  Mark 6A  Mark 10A  Mark 15A  Mark 28A  Mark 35A  Mark 55A  Mark 58A  Mark 75A  Mark 78A

JOHNSON:  SD-15  FD-11  RD/RDL-17C  RX/RXL-10C
More models added weekly, so check back often.