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Swap Meet/Boat Show Photo's

2007 Hamlin Wheel Festival
2008 Hamlin Wheel Festival
2009 Hamlin Wheel Festival
2006 6th Annual Oak Orchard Wooden Boat Fetival
Day 1
Day 2
2007 7th Annual Oak Orchard Wooden Boat Festival
Day 1
Day 2
2008 Oak Orchard Harborfest / 8th Annual Wooden Boat Show
Day 1
Day 2
2007 WNY-AOMCI Meetings
2008 WNY-AOMCI Meetings
2009 WNY-AOMCI Meetings
Saturday, August 12, 2006 6th Annual Orleans County Wooden Boat Festival, our Chapter's first official show participation.
Our Chapter banner.
Shortly after opening, within a blink of an eye, a potential member visited our booth. He seemed very interested and took a copy of the WNY Chapter brochure with attached member application.
After spending Friday night getting ready, I ran out of time and had to fold the brochures on Saturday.
My dad making sure we had everything for the day.
Another potential member browsing our brochure.
My dad welcoming a potential member.
The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association preparing to strip the canvas from the canvas covered canoe so they can make repairs to the bad wood.
Some of the participants boats

Sunday August 13, 2006 Orleans County Wooden Boat Festival

Bright and Early opening up Sunday morning.
Good friends Jim Zielonko and his son, also Jerry Glogowski and his wife looking over my 1956 Shell Lake Scamp.
Wooden Canoe Heritage Association Display
More Participants boats (on shore display)


More Participants Boats (in water display)